Treventis CSO Mark Reed gives invited lecture at Undruggable Leaders Forum

From September 15-16, 2021, the “Undruggable Leaders Forum” was a virtual meeting focused on new approaches to historically intractable targets.

Treventis was proud to have CSO Mark Reed speak about “Identifying Druggable Active Sites in Misfolded Protein Targets,” which highlighted our proprietary, patented CCM discovery engine and the significant expertise we have build in assaying and optimizing small molecules against protein misfolding disease.

Dr. Reed joined a prestigious lineup of speakers that included drug discovery leaders from AstraZeneca, Scripps Research Institute, Kymera, Takeda, Jannsen, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, and Ionis. Treventis firmly believes that the “high-hanging fruit” of today’s drug design requires innovative approaches and was pleased to participate in the discussion on paths forward for major, unmet medical needs.

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