Treventis founder Sultan Darvesh elected to Canadian Academy of Health Sciences

Treventis founder Dr. Sultan Darvesh was elected a Fellow of the Canadian Academy of Health Sciences at an induction ceremony on Sep 13, 2018, in Vancouver, British Columbia.  The citation for this prestigious honor reads: “Induction into the CAHS as a Fellow is considered one of the highest honours within Canada’s academic community. CAHS Fellows, who serve as unpaid volunteers, are nominated by their institutions and peers and selected in a competitive process based on their internationally recognized leadership, academic performance, scientific creativity and willingness to serve.”

A medicinal chemist, neuroscientist, and behavioral neurologist practicing in Halifax, Sultan Darvesh is head of Treventis Diagnostics and the Irene MacDonald Sobey Chair in Curative Approaches to Alzheimer’s Disease.  He is an acknowledged expert in the pathology of Alzheimer’s disease and particularly in the role of cholinesterases and their role in neurological health and disease.  His laboratory specializes in the design and synthesis of radiotracer small molecules that can be used in non-invasive brain imaging to pinpoint areas of abnormal function in brain diseases.  He also serves as director of the Maritime Brain Tissue Bank.

Treventis now has two such awardees: Chief Medical Officer Dr. Donald Weaver was previously elected a CAHS Fellow.

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